Account and Billing

Account and Billing

Manage your subscription

Manage your subscription on EverBee

Add or edit a payment method

You can add cards to pay your subscription.

Check your invoice history

You can check your EverBee receipts.   Sign in to your account Tap on Profile > Manage billing At the bottom, go to the section "Invoice history" Select which invoice you want to visualize *Please note that the "Manage Billing" and "Cancel subscr...

Change your billing address

You can change an address associated with a specific payment method

Will my subscription auto-renew?

Yes, our subscriptions are automatically renewed after each billing period. It depends on the subscription type you've chosen - monthly or annually. Please, note that cancelling the subscription turns off the auto-renew and ends the current subscr...

I upgraded my plan but the dashboard still marks the old plan

If you see that EverBee didn't update your subscription, it can be caused by the following reasons: The payment didn't go through The bank didn’t authorize the charge A different email address was used when purchasing the subscription How to check...

How can I downgrade?

By canceling your susbcription, you will be automatically downgraded to our hobby plan. 

I was charged twice

If you see two charges for an EverBee subscription, it can be caused by the following reasons: The subscription was bought using a  different email address , thus creating two different accounts in EverBee software. How to check if this is the cas...

Remove a payment method

Remove a payment method: Sign in to your account Tap on My profile > Manage billing Click on payment method Tap in "..." Select "Delete" In case you need further help, feel free to contact us at 😊

Set or change a default payment method

The first payment method you add to EverBee becomes your default way to pay for all future purchases. You can follow these steps:  1. Go to this link 2. Tap on Profile 3. Click on Manage Billing   *Please note that the "Manage Billing" and "Can...

How can I upgrade?

Here are quick steps that you can follow to upgrade your plan. 😊 Open EverBee sidebar Go to the section Pricing Plan Select the new plan Register your card details In case you face any issues with upgrading, please try upgrading through this lin...

Cancel your subscription

We hate to see you go... :( You can follow these steps to  cancel your subscription : 1. Go to this link 2. Tap on Profile 3. Click on Cancel Subscription *Please note that the "Manage Billing" and "Cancel subscription" options will only be ava...