If you see double charges for an EverBee subscription, it can be caused by the following reasons:

The subscription was bought using a different email address, thus creating two different accounts in EverBee software.

Note: When purchasing the EverBee subscription, you must double-check if the email address you're typing in is the same as your EverBee account.  It's common to choose the automatic browser's regular email address, such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo...

If this happens, your newly purchased subscription might not reflect on your EverBee account.

How can we check if this is the case?

  • You will see two different names/ emails on your receipt.
  • You have access to the extension when you log in from two different email accounts and/or receive a subscription confirmation in two emails.
  • For all purchases in EverBee, you'll receive a receipt through the email address used with the purchase.

Please contact us so we can help you sort this out. :)