Our Product Analytics feature provides various data and insights to help you find the best products to sell on Etsy, such as sales, revenue, keyword rankings, search volume, and more.

Using the Product Analytics feature

Once you click on our product analytics feature, EverBee will gather all the sales data of these listings. You will be able to see what customers are looking for and what products are in demand. 

This information can help you identify gaps in the market and create new listings that people want.

Understanding our metrics and data:

  • Total Sales: Estimated total sales for the listing
  • Total Revenue: Estimated total revenue for a listing
  • Monthly Sales: Estimated monthly sales for the listing
  • Monthly Revenue: Estimated monthly revenue for a listing
  • Visibility Score: This metric compares the daily views of a shop's listings to those of thousands of other listings on the platform
  • Conversion rate: This metric will tell you the percentage of people who see your shop and then make a purchase
Analyze more than 10k listings!

Analyzing more than 10k listings with just one click is also possible!
To achieve this, you must select "analyze more listings" from the analytics table, which prompts EverBee to analyze all the listings associated with that particular keyword.
Note: This option is exclusively available for users subscribed to our Growth Plan.

User Preferences

Customize your table analytics with these options:

Filter: You can use our filter option to refine your search results. You can narrow down your product research by selecting specific categories and listing age, revenue, sales, etc.

Sort: Use our sorting feature to organize and make data-driven decisions.

Customize: This feature allows you to select which data is most important for your business and which columns you would like to see displayed in your analytics table.

Currency: Change your analytics table to display the currency of your choice.

Listing Details

By clicking on a specific listing in your product analytics table, you can access the listing details and see the listings' data, such as sales, revenue, and conversion rate for the selected listing.
In addition, you will see the shop details information.

If you need further help, feel free to contact us at hello@everbee.io. 😊

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