Keywords play an essential role in reaching potential buyers on Etsy. The best keywords for your Etsy listings must have a balance of high search volume and less competition. In this article we will cover some topics to boost your Keyword Research with EverBee. 🚀

How to do Keyword research?

You will find this tool:

- On the EverBee Web-App
- On EverBee extension

You will then find yourself on the 
Keyword Research Suite. Now, let’s understand the keyword metrics in the Keyword Research results.

Keyword Search Volume: Refers to the number of times a keyword or phrase is searched for on Etsy within a specific period (EverBee takes into consideration the last 30 days). This insight helps you understand the popularity of a particular keyword, which can help you decide whether or not to include it in your product listing. You'll want to focus on keywords with higher search volumes as they have a better chance of generating traffic to your shop.

Keyword Competition: The number of competing listings there are for this keyword. Our Keyword competition will help you determine which keywords are worth targeting and which are a waste of time. Learn more here.

Keyword Score: This insight helps Etsy sellers to optimize their listings by showing them which keywords are being searched the most but has no competitors. Learn more here.

What are the characteristics of a good keyword?

A good keyword would have these qualities.

- It needs to be of high/medium search volume.
- The keyword needs to be relevant to the product.
- They might be a longtail keyword. Longtails are multiple specific phrases that a customer searches for when they are closer to the purchase of a product.
- The keywords need to have a low competition

Here are some tips to consider when doing Keyword Research:

Do target “long tail” keywords 😉
Instead of trying to compete for popular, generic searches, like “tote bag” or “diamond ring,” prioritize less popular phrases that describe what’s really special about your products. For example, “canvas tote bag” or “natural diamond ring.” Shoppers who know what they want to buy often use more specific searches—and you can deliver just what they’re looking for. Here more information.

Make a master keyword list 🔥
Use our export feature to create your own list of keywords! Once you have looked for a specific keyword in our Keyword Research Suite. You can export the result for the keyword and all the suggested keywords that are relevant to your search. You can get up to 2k keywords and insights with just one click!


First, it is necessary to create a list that describe your product:

- Adjectives > like soft, sturdy, flexible, odor-free, vegan, pure, natural etc.
- Keywords that describe the demographics > like toys for kids, 13-year-old, teens, etc.
- Synonyms like > nail paint, nail polish,
- Shopping occasions > First anniversary, christening gifts, stocking stuffers, bachelorette party, birthday, animal themed party.
- Style > Art deco lamp, minimalist ring, rustic wall decor, typographic print

Now that you have the list that describes your product, go to our Keyword Research Suite and combine keywords in our search bar.

E.g. "13th birthday" - "teenager gift" - "girl 13th birthday" - etc

Segregate the results based on search volume and keyword score into 2 segments as follows:

- High search volume generic keywords and long tail keywords
- High score generic keywords and long tail keywords

Competitor keywords 👀
You can learn a lot from your best competitors. Competitor keywords can be a very potential start to understand their strategies. Find out why competitor products outrank yours by understanding their keywords.

Use our Tag Analyzer to see your competitors tags

Track the performance of your keywords 💡
Keyword tracking is equally essential to understand the performance of your keywords. Track keywords to constantly improve your search rank. Use our Listing Rank Tracker to track the performance of your keywords.

I hope this article was helpful, and if you have any more questions, feel free to contact us at 💙