Our new Keyword Score feature helps Etsy sellers to optimize their listings by showing them which keywords are being searched the most but has no competitors.

What Is Keyword Score?

The keyword score is a numerical value, this one represents how relevant and “searchable” your listing is on the platform. A higher score means a relatively high number of searches compared to the number of competitors, a low score means the opposite. In other words, these keywords are high volume with 
low competition .

How do we calculate it?

Search Volume / Competing listings x 1000

Why it is important?

The key to success in SEO isn't just about targeting popular keywords; it's also about finding the right combination of 
competition and search volume. Finding these keywords can bring us high up in the search and have the best possible advantage over other sellers in terms of our listings.

High Score: typically means it's easier to rank in the Etsy algorithm and there is relatively high demand and low competition

Low Score: typically means it's harder to rank in the Etsy algorithm and there is relatively low demand and high competition

Let's see an example here:

We will search for the word "Yoga" in our Keyword research feature. (Available only for our Growth plan).


And now, let's look at the search volume for the keyword "Yoga wall decoration" - this one has 586 monthly searches with lower competition compared to the other keywords... So we can say that this is a great keyword opportunity to use... since it doesn't have that much competition 

What Is a Good Keyword Score?

There is no single number to go by when determining a “good” keyword score.

We hope this article helps you succeed with your Etsy store!

In case you need further help, feel free to contact us through hello@everbee.io. 😊