EverBee Email’s Tags are used to better organize and group your subscribers so that you can send better (and more relevant) emails. This guide will show you how to do that without needing to be tech-savvy.

What are Tags?

Tags are little labels you give your customers based on what they like or do. For example, if someone buys a lot of cat-themed products from your shop, you might tag them as “Cat Lover.” This helps you remember who might like an email about your latest cat scarf or kitty mug.

Benefits of Using Tags

  • Increased Relevancy: By segmenting your audience with tags, you can send emails that are directly relevant to their interests and purchase history. This leads to higher engagement and click-through rates.
  • Personalized Communication: Tags allow you to personalize your email content by addressing subscribers by their interests or purchase behavior. 
  • Improved Campaign Performance: Targeted email campaigns based on tags have a higher chance of success compared to generic blasts to entire lists.
  • Purchase History: Tag subscribers based on their purchase behavior (first-time buyer, repeat customer, VIP customer). This lets you send tailored emails - welcome messages for new buyers, exclusive promotions for repeat customers, or loyalty rewards for VIPs.

How to Add Tags to Subscribers

There are 3 ways to add tags to your subscribers:

  1. Manually Assigning Tags:
    • Go to the "Subscribers" tab in your email marketing platform.
    • Select the subscribers you want to tag.
    • Click on "Actions" and then "Assign Tag."
    • Enter a new tag name or choose an existing one. This will add the tag to the selected subscribers.

   2. When They Join Your List:

  • If someone signs up for your emails through a landing page, you can set it up so they get a tag right away, telling you how they signed up.

   3. When importing a list

  • If you have a list of customers you’re adding to EverBee Email, you can include tags for each person in that list. So, if you know they’re all “First Time Buyers,” you can add that tag when you add them.

Sending Emails with Tags:

Once your customers have tags, you can send emails just to people with certain tags. Want to let “Cat Lovers” know about your new cat toys? You can send an email just to them. It’s a great way to make sure you’re talking about things your customers care about.

Examples of How to Use Tags:

  • For the Pet Lovers: If you sell pet supplies, use tags like “Cat Lover” or “Dog Fan” to tell your customers about these new products! 
  • Deals vs. Downloads: If some customers signed up for a 15% discount and others for a free guide to pet care, use tags to send them the right welcome email. That way, everyone gets the message that makes them happy.
  • New Shoppers and Repeat Buyers: Keep track of who’s shopping for the first time and who keeps coming back. You might send a special thank you to your “Repeat Buyers” or "VIP buyers"

By utilizing tags effectively, you can segment your audience for more targeted email marketing campaigns. This results in increased engagement, improved customer relationships, and ultimately, a boost in your sales.

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