In today's digital world, building an email list is crucial for connecting with your audience and driving business growth. Fortunately, there are three simple and effective methods to help you do just that:

1. Social Media

If you want to expand your email list, start by sharing a subscribe link on your social media profiles. It's as easy as navigating to your Subscribers tab and then clicking on the "View Subscribe Page." Your followers will have a quick and easy way to join your list.

2. Include Your Subscribe Page Link on Your Shop

Your Subscribe Page link can be found in the “Subscribers” tab and then going to “View Subscribe Page”. Adding it to your shop and listings is an effective way to build your list however please note that due to etsy's resctriction to not hyperlinking  links which are external to their site/marketplace your subscribe page link will be shown normally but it won't be clickable inside Etsy, it will be necessary for users to copy the link manually to access to access the page.

Stay tuned to our YouTube channel as we'll come up with new ideas and strategies to build your email list!