Here you'll learn: 

  • What is Ever Bee?
  • How to do Product Research on Etsy.
  • Mothers day Trending Searches on Etsy.
  • Gardening Niche Trending Searches on Etsy.
  • Pet Niche trending searches on Etsy. 
  • How to Search Through Revenue Analytics of Other Sellers.
  • How to Use the Product Analytics Dashboard in Everbee.
  • How to customize Columns Within EverBee.
  • How to Move Columns for Better Searching. 
  • A $170K Etsy Product !
  • How to Use the TAG ANALYZER Tool.
  • What is the Keyword Score in Everbee?
  • How to Use the GOOGLE ANALYTICS Search Future in EverBee.
  • How to Add a Listing to Your  Favorites tab on EverBee.
  • How to Use the Keyword Research tool in EverBee.
  • How to Use the Etsy Profit Calculator Tool in EverBee.
  • How to Get a FREE TRIAL of Everbee.

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