How EverBee Email Complies with GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sets the standard for data protection for individuals within the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). At EverBee Email, we understand the critical nature of these regulations and are committed to ensuring our service is fully compliant. Here’s how we protect your data and respect your privacy in line with GDPR requirements.

Data Processing Agreement (DPA)

EverBee Email has a Data Processing Agreement in place that aligns with GDPR stipulations. This agreement outlines our commitment to processing data securely and in accordance with the regulation. It’s a fundamental part of our partnership with Etsy sellers, ensuring that both parties understand their roles and responsibilities in the protection of user data.

Consent Management

One of the core principles of GDPR is obtaining clear, informed consent from individuals before collecting or processing their personal data. EverBee Email facilitates this through:

  • Opt-In Forms: Our platform uses opt-in forms that are designed to gather explicit consent from users before they subscribe to your email list. This ensures that subscribers are fully aware and agree to receive communications from you.

  • Consent Records: We maintain records of consent, documenting when and how consent was given, allowing you and your subscribers to have full transparency and control.

Right to Access and Right to Be Forgotten

Under GDPR, individuals have the right to access their personal data and the right to be forgotten. EverBee Email supports these rights through:

  • Easy Access: Users can easily request access to the data you have collected via EverBee Email, ensuring transparency.

  • Deletion Requests: We provide a straightforward process for users to request the deletion of their data from your lists, aligning with the right to be forgotten.

Data Security

Protecting the data you collect is paramount. EverBee Email implements robust security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction of personal information, including:

  • Encryption: Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, securing it from potential breaches.

  • Regular Audits: Our systems undergo regular security audits to ensure ongoing compliance with GDPR security standards.

International Data Transfers

For our users outside the EU/EEA, EverBee Email ensures that any transfer of personal data complies with GDPR requirements. We utilize standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission, ensuring data is always protected, regardless of where it’s processed.

Continuous Compliance

GDPR compliance is an ongoing process. EverBee Email is committed to regularly reviewing and updating our policies, procedures, and systems to ensure they meet or exceed GDPR requirements and other data protection laws.


At EverBee Email, your privacy and data security are our top priorities. We’re dedicated to providing a service that not only helps you grow your Etsy store but does so in a manner that respects and protects the personal data of your subscribers. If you have any questions about our GDPR compliance efforts, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.