Hello there, everyone!
If you're trying to connect your Etsy Shop to your EverBee account, and you see this message: "Your Shop is already connected with another EverBee account", this could mean the following:

1) You probably have an additional EverBee account, where you've previously connected this Shop.

Note 1: You may hold a Hobby Plan (free account) and a subscription (Growth Plan or Business Plan) with different email addresses.

Note 2: Connecting an Etsy Shop to a single EverBee account is only possible. But, on an EverBee subscription, you can add multiple Shops.

2) By seeing this message, you'll also be able to see to which EverBee account (email address) this Shop is tied.

3) If you want your Etsy Shop to be connected to a different account from the one that it already is, please follow these steps to disconnect it from this other EverBee account:

  • Select the second option, which shows: "Click here to log in...". (It will automatically redirect you to the mentioned account)
  • (After you've logged in) Click on Disconnect your Etsy Shop.
  • After the Shop is successfully disconnected from your additional EverBee account, refresh your browser and log out from that account.
  • Now, you can log in to the "correct" EverBee (where you want your Shop to be connected) and proceed with the Shop connection. You can check this link.

In case you face any issues, feel free to contact us at hello@everbee.io

We'll be happy to help!