You can schedule your emails to send at a later time. Scheduled emails may be sent a few minutes after the scheduled time.

- On your EverBee email > Go to Campaigns
- Create a new campaign
- Select the campaign type

Schedule emails for Single Campaigns

Single campaigns are sent one time to a group of subscribers.

You have the option to select either "Send now" or "Sent later." If you opt for "Sent later," you can specify a particular date and time for your email to be sent.

Please take into account that the time and date you designate will be in your timezone, not your customer's timezone. You can go to settings to change your time zone.

Schedule emails for Auto Campaigns

Auto campaigns are emails that are sent on a schedule (ex: every Monday) or based on an event (ex: someone joins your list). This allows you to create an email once and have it sent multiple times. 

*The delay for each email starts from the time a subscriber joins your list.

Cancel scheduled emails

- Go to Campaigns
- Scroll to the right in your Subscribers Campaigns table
- Click Delete