EverBee Email is a powerful and simple way for sellers to get repeated sales and more reviews on autopilot. With few clicks, your emails are setup and ready to go.

Let’s dive into the benefits of using EverBee Email:

- A satisfied customer is more likely to make a repeat purchase. Keeping them in the loop with personalized emails can significantly boost repeat sales.
- Emails can highlight complementary products to past purchases, incentivizing customers to return.
- It's a direct line of communication, allowing sellers to showcase new products, offer discounts, and share important updates.
- Asking buyers for feedback post-purchase can increase the number of positive reviews your store receives.
- Good reviews enhance the shop's reputation and trustworthiness, driving more sales.
- EverBee Email is designed for simplicity. No advanced tech skills are needed. It's as easy as turning on a switch.
- Automatically pull products directly from your shop and showcase them in the email.