5 Types of Emails You Need to be Sending

You have a lot of compelling content that has helped your business get found and generate leads. Now, you want to use the content to generate new leads and teach your customers some new best practices. What’s the most effective way to do this?

Welcome Email: When a new customer subscribes to your email list or makes their first purchase, send them a welcome email. In this email, introduce yourself and your brand, express gratitude for their interest or purchase, and set expectations for what they can expect from your emails. You can also offer a special discount or incentive to encourage their next purchase

Promotional Emails: Whether it's holiday season or a national taco day, curate special emails that resonate with the occasion

Informational Emails: Send monthly tips related to your niche. Selling knitwear? Share care instructions. Offer artisanal jewelry? Share ways to pair them with outfits

Customer Engagement and Content Emails: Keep your audience engaged with non-promotional content. Share blog posts, behind-the-scenes stories, etc. These emails help you establish your expertise and build a stronger connection with your customers

New Product Announcements: If you're launching new products for the holiday season, send out emails to your subscribers to announce these additions to your Etsy shop. Offering unique deals or limited-edition products

Hope this information helps you. Happy selling!

Updated on: 26/10/2023

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