EverBee Email is designed to simplify the email marketing process for Etsy sellers. We understand the concerns about aligning with Etsy's communication guidelines, so we've put together this comprehensive guide to assure you of our platform's adherence to Etsy's policies and best practices for communication.

Marketing Emails: These are promotional and aim to inform customers about new products, sales, or other marketing-related details. Etsy's guidelines state that these emails can only be sent to customers who have provided explicit consent.

Best Practices to Communicate on Etsy:

According to Etsy's Seller Handbook article titled "Dos and Don'ts of Communicating With Customers," communication is pivotal to running a successful online shop. While sellers have their unique communication style, there are some universal best practices to adhere to.

Do Communicate:

- For Address Clarifications: If there's a discrepancy between a buyer's Etsy and PayPal addresses, clarify their preferred delivery address to prevent complications.
- For Custom Items: Provide a realistic timeline for custom orders. Regularly update your buyer on progress and notify them promptly if there are unforeseen delays.
- Feedback: Encourage feedback post-purchase. After receiving feedback, express gratitude. Ensure these interactions are devoid of promotional content.

Don't Communicate:

- In Anger: Never communicate when you're upset. It's vital to maintain a calm demeanor to foster constructive conversation.
- Too Much: Over-communication can irritate your customers. Strive for a balance in your interactions.
- Demanding Feedback: Always remember feedback is optional on Etsy. If soliciting feedback, approach the topic gently and with courtesy.

EverBee Email's Approach

Our platform aligns with the recommendations above. For those unfamiliar with email marketing's potential, Etsy itself underscores its effectiveness. By reaching subscribers—people who've shown interest in your offerings—you nurture ongoing relationships, bolstering brand presence and driving sales.

To assist sellers in growing their subscriber list, EverBee Email offers a dedicated page for email sign-ups. Every email dispatched also has an unsubscribe link, ensuring compliance with global email marketing laws and Etsy's terms.