The first step to set up EverBee email is to connect (or re-connect) your Etsy shop to EverBee. Our wizard will guide you through the steps. Once you’re inside EverBee Email, we recommend following these steps:

1. Go to the Settings Tab and make sure the information there is correct (Sender name, Reply email address, and your address)
2. Next, go to the Subscribers Tab and add yourself as a subscriber to receive emails. You can do that by clicking on Add Customers >> Add Subscribers.
3. You can also create a new list or import your existing list.
5. Next, click on Grow tab and change your landing page with your brand colors and custom message.

Now that you’ve completed this setup, it is time to set up your emails. Head over to the Campaigns Tab to turn on your email or edit them if you need to.
How to Edit Your Email

EverBee Email has a simple yet powerful email editor. When you click “edit” on any existing email or create a new email, you will reach EverBee Email editor. The editor has 3 main sections:
- Email Setting
- Email Builder
- Right Panel

In the 
Email Setting, you can decide the email recipients, the type of campaign (single, or auto), the event that will trigger the email, when to send it, and the subject of the email.

The Email Builder is where you get to build the email itself. You can click the 
blue + sign to add a new block. The available blocks are:

- Text
- Button
- Divider
- Image
- Product

Once the product boxes are added, you can select the 3 different product sections: Best selling listings, featured listings or newest listings. If you select best selling listings, these boxes will display in the email your best selling listings.

You can see the product settings in your right side panel. 

- You can also preview how the email would look by clicking on “Preview” in the top right corner.
- When you are finished, you can save it as a draft, send a test email to yourself, or launch the campaign.