Purpose of Data Access:

EverBee Email integrates with your Etsy shop to provide personalized email marketing services. Accessing your shop data allows us to:

- Personalize Your Emails

- Update your Email Content

- Enhance User Experience 

-Updating announcements & buyer messages with EverBee Email.

- Adding QR codes to listings for your email marketing.

Data Accessed:
The specific types of data EverBee Email accesses include:

- Product listings (names, descriptions, prices)
- Images associated with your products
- Shop details (name, branding)

User Consent:
Your consent is required to access this data. When you connect EverBee Email to your Etsy shop, you’ll be asked to authorize this access, ensuring transparency and control over your data.

If you have further questions or concerns about data access, please contact our support team at hello@everbee.io