If you’re an Etsy seller, understanding conversion rates is key to success. But what exactly are conversion rates? In short, they tell you the percentage of people who see your shop and then make a purchase. Knowing this information can help you better understand how well your shop is doing and how to optimize it for future success.

According to Etsy, the average Etsy shop has a 1-2% conversion rate. That means that for every 100 people who view your shop, only one or two will make a purchase from it. This isn’t necessarily bad news; in fact, these numbers are pretty typical for eCommerce sites in general. So while the numbers may seem low, it doesn’t mean your shop isn’t doing well—it just means that there is room for improvement! 

Calculating Conversion Rate -

(Number of orders/Views) = Conversion Rate

Ways To Improve Your Conversion Rate

- Optimize Your Listings
- Utilize Ads
- Offer Free Shipping
- Promote Your Brand

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