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I can't connect my Etsy Shop

Hello everyone You'll see this message whenever your Etsy store has already been connected to another EverBee account. It's possible to connect only 1 EverBee account to your Etsy store. However, you can add multiple stores and link them to the same EverBee account.


As we can see in the image below, the extension informs the other EverBee account connected to your Etsy shop. You can follow these steps to disconnect from your Etsy shop:

Select the second option where it says: "click here to log in ..."
It will automatically redirect you to the mentioned account
Click on disconnect your Etsy Shop
Once the account gets successfully disconnected from your Etsy Shop, you will need to log out from that account.

After following these steps, you can log back into your new EverBee account and connect your Etsy Shop.

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Updated on: 19/03/2023

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