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How does EverBee work?

As you likely know, Etsy doesn’t share much data with us (or anyone).

Sales and Revenue history is no exception. We built an algorithm that takes the data that Etsy does share to make some estimations.

Etsy provides us with a few things such as:

Listing dates
and a few other things.

Our algorithm uses this information to make our estimations. Unfortunately, Etsy won’t share exact details of each Etsy listing, so our algorithm has to do the heavy lifting.

An example of when a listing would be “way off” could be… If a listing is getting tons of views, tons of favorites, but just isn’t converting as good as their counterparts. EverBee will think the listing is doing well, but in reality, maybe the images are not very good and hence, not converting well (as an example)...

The same can be true if a listing is converting much higher than normal… EverBee estimates will be lower than reality.

Point is, EverBee is a guide, not exact results. And we’re working to improve it every day.

In case you need further help, feel free to contact us through 😊

Updated on: 27/07/2023

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