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EverBee Version 6.0.0

Hello EverBee community!

We are always looking forward to improving our software. With this new version of EverBee you will get faster analytics data, new features, additional listings & shop data, get better data accuracy and more!

1. New features

Now you can customize your columns, the listing view and create new filters with EverBee.

2. Additional Listing & Shop data

With this new release, we want to be sure that you get all the data that you need to Growth your Etsy business. This data will be hidden by default, but in case you want to visualize it on your analytics table. You can go to "Customize" and select the data that you want to see.

This new data includes: Listing Reviews, Processing Time, Shipping Location, Shop Age, Shop Review Count, Variations and more!

Available only for Growth Plan, see more details here.

3. Filters

It is possible to create new filters by price/ revenue/ sales, listing age... and add as many filters you desire.

4. Data Accuracy

With EverBee 6.0, our team did their best to improve our algorithm. Please, let’s take into consideration that Etsy won’t share exact details of each Etsy listing, so our algorithm has to do the heavy lifting.

In case you have questions, feel free to contact

You can watch this video that will show you all our new features!

Updated on: 04/08/2022

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