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Etsy Ads Vs. Offsite Ads - what's the difference?

Etsy Ads and Offsite Ads are two different types of advertising programs that can be used to promote your Etsy products.

Etsy Ads are ads that are ON Etsy - either the Etsy App. or on You set your daily budget and have control over this in your Etsy Shop Dashboard (under Advertising)..

Example of an Etsy Ad below:

Offsite Ads are ads that are NOT on Etsy... they are on other sites such as Google, Facebook, etc.. more details below.

Offsite Etsy allows Etsy to advertise your listings on various websites and apps, including social media sites, search engines, and Google Display Network sites. When your listing is advertised on one of these sites, you only pay an advertising fee if a sale is made as a result.

You do not need to do anything to be eligible for this service, as Etsy works with partner sites and networks to promote your listings. These partners use information about your listings, such as descriptions, photos, and titles, to match your ad to a user's search or profile. The goal is to show the most relevant items to each user based on their search query or profile information.

You may not be able to choose which of your listings are advertised, as Etsy's team of advertising experts works to promote the listings that perform best on each channel.

However, you can improve the quality of your listings to increase the chances of them being advertised. Many websites have criteria for the listings that they advertise, and improving the quality of your listings can help you meet these criteria.

Offsite Ads Fees:
If someone makes a purchase through an offsite ad, you will be charged a fee based on your shop's revenue in the past 365 days. If your shop made less than $10,000, the fee will be 15%. If your shop made at least $10,000, the fee will be discounted to 12%.
The maximum fee for an order attributed to an offsite ad is $100. If you have a shop currency other than USD, your revenue will be calculated based on the currency exchange rates used by Etsy at the time of the sale. You can see what rate you will be charged on your Etsy Shop Dashboard.

Orders are attributed to offsite ads if a buyer clicks through an ad promoting one of your listings and makes a purchase within 30 days. You are only charged for a fee if a shopper clicks on an ad for your item and then makes a purchase. If a shopper clicks on an ad but does not make a purchase, you do not pay a fee. If a member clicks an ad and makes multiple purchases (in separate orders) within 30 days, each order is eligible for the offsite ad fee.

Etsy advertises on various sites and platforms, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Bing, Etsy Publishing Partner Sites, and the Google Display Network. These sites have their own advertising policies, which you should familiarize yourself with if you want to advertise your listings on these sites.

Offsite ads may be optional for your shop, depending on your revenue in the past 12 months. You can learn more about Etsy's advertising policy to find out if offsite ads are an option for your shop.

If you choose to participate in Partner Checkout on Google, your listings will be advertised on Google Shopping. When a shopper clicks on your ad and makes a purchase, the sale will be processed through Google's checkout system. You will be charged a fee for the advertising, as well as a fee for the use of Google's checkout system. You can learn more about how Partner Checkout on Google works by reading Etsy's Advertising Policy.

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Updated on: 07/06/2023

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