Let’s start with the big one…Etsy’s policies!

Does Etsy allow sending emails? Can a seller communicate with the buyer through email? Isn’t it against Etsy’s policies?

There are 2 types of emails according to Etsy:

Transactional emails
Transactional emails are emails associated with an order. They are essential for smooth communication and keep the buyer informed about their order's progress. It's important to note that Etsy is the only platform with the ability to send these transactional emails directly to buyers. Third-party email marketing tools cannot replicate this functionality.

Marketing emails

These are promotional and aim to inform customers about new products, sales, or other marketing-related details. Etsy's guidelines state that these emails can only be sent to customers who have provided explicit consent.

As sellers, we can send transactional emails (which is actually encouraged and recommended by Etsy). As for marketing emails (promotional), we have to get explicit consent from the buyers.

EverBee Emails allows you to send transactional order emails per Etsy’s guidelines. You won’t be able to send other promotional emails unless you get consent from the buyer…in other words, that person must opt into your email list and newsletter.

Once someone subscribes to your list, you can send promotional emails to them through EverBee Email.

Here are 3 articles from Etsy:

- https://www.etsy.com/seller-handbook/article/dos-and-donts-of-communicating-with/26590492608

- https://www.etsy.com/seller-handbook/article/a-field-guide-to-email-marketing/215119356692

- https://www.etsy.com/legal/sellers/ (2.b)