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We are excited to introduce our Trademark Monitor beta feature!! EverBee designed this feature to help you avoid any potential trademark infringement issues when listing your products on Etsy. Basically, it scans your listings and checks for any trademarked word or phrase infringements. πŸ˜‰

Then, we allow you to take action and edit your title or tags as needed in your Shop Manager.

What Are Trademarks, And Why Are They So Important on Etsy?

In the world of e-commerce, trademarks are crucial to protect your company and listings from being copied, including your intellectual property.

For Etsy sellers, it's important to recognize the significance of trademarks and how they can affect your shop. Noncompliance with Etsy's trademark policies could lead to suspension or even permanent closure of your shop. So, it's important to stay alert and watch out for potential trademark infringements in your listings.

How Our Trademark Monitor Can Help You With Your Etsy Business Shop?

Our Trademark Monitor is designed to help you stay on top of potential trademark infringements from your listings.

In addition, these trademarks are updated monthly and you can let our system monitor this for you. You will be able to visit the with a click of a button to gain further information on the trademark.

This means you can have peace of mind knowing that your shop is compliant with Etsy's trademark policies without interrupting your workflow.

Checking Trademarks for Your Listings

In order to use our Trademark Monitor, you need to Connect your Etsy Shop. After connecting your shop, EverBee will scan your listings within minutes. Your Trademark Dashboard will look something like this!:


Listing Scanned: The total number of listings that were scanned by our Trademark Monitor
Listings with Alerts: The total number of listings that contain at least one alert
Total Alerts: The total number of trademarks that were identified

We will inform you:

- When your listing was added to Etsy
- The last time that your listing was scanned
- The total number of trademarks per listing

See more details:

To see your trademarks alerts, you can click on the listing row. EverBee will promptly open the right-side panel and display the trademark alerts detected in both the title and tags.


Snooze alerts if you feel like they are not relevant to your niche. You can snooze for 1 month, 6 months, or forever; it’s up to you!
Easily unsnooze alerts if you like to reactivate the trademarked word or phrase with a single click. πŸ™‚

- You can click here to snooze all the alerts from the listing:

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- Or click here to snooze a specific alert:

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Want to know more about your Trademark alerts?

We have your back! EverBee will not only display and indicate the word or phrase that is trademarked, but we will also display the following information:

Serial β†’ Serial number of the trademark when applied
Registration β†’ Registration number of the trademark when approved

You can follow these steps:

Click on the registration number
EverBee will redirect you to the website
Look for Mark information and Goods and services


Our Trademark Monitor uses the official USPTO database as a reference

Trademark Monitor Disclaimer: The Trademark Monitor exclusively scans trademarks from and does not provide coverage or monitoring for trademarks filed with other trademark offices or databases worldwide.
In case you need further help, feel free to contact us through 😊

Updated on: 27/07/2023

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