EverBee analyzes a lot of data (that’s kinda our thing).. so we get to run fun studies and compare a lot of listings against each other.

There is this thing in the SEO and marketing world called the “visibility score.”

And it’s kind of a thing on Etsy also.. but it’s applied differently - for different reasons. I’ll do my best to explain what it is, why it’s important, and how you can improve it and use it get more sales and grow your shop.

Let’s jump in…

What is a Visibility Score?

The EverBee Visibility Score is a metric that compares the daily views of a shop's listings to those of thousands of other listings on the platform. It is used to measure how well a shop's listings are performing in terms of daily views.

A higher visibility score means that the listing is receiving higher daily views than other listings - on average. If it’s the listing has a low visibility score, than means that it is getting lower daily views than other listings on Etsy.


Higher = Good

Lower = Not so good

Why is it important?

- The visibility score is useful for identifying which listings are performing differently than others. It can help you to spot which listings are outliers, or deviating from the typical performance of your other listings - or other listings on Etsy.
- Here’s an example: If the majority of your listings have a visibility score around 72%, but one listing has a score above 90%, it means that this particular listing is performing better (more views) than the rest of your listings, deviating from the typical performance of your shop. You’re doing something right with that 90% listing. You’re getting more views. More views = more chances to make a sale - Good!
- The visibility score is a score that indicates people are VIEWING the listing (traffic). You need traffic for sales right? Yes!
- So we want to be shooting for a higher visibility score always. 100% is a goal. If a listing has 100% visibility score - that means the listing is getting more average daily views than 99% of all the other listings on Etsy.

How is it measured?

The visibility score is calculated by taking the total views of a listing since it was first created, and dividing that number by the number of days since the listing was created.
We take that info and put it through our scoring algorithm (based on millions of listings analyzed) and give a score to help better compare one listing to another.

How can you improve my listing visibility scores?

Great question.. We already agree that higher score = better, right?
So what if I have a listing that has a score of 50%? How do I get it to 100%?
There is no (1) answer for this. However, there is almost always ways to improve your visibility score. More daily views = higher score.. So if we know this… then the question becomes, how do I get more views?

Glad you asked… let’s jump into that.

- Make sure the product you’re selling is in demand (do this through EverBee product analytics)
- Make sure you’re using a title that has relevant and in-demand keywords (use EverBee keyword research for this). Or model after other best selling competitor Titles. (make sure to tweak them to your product/brand)
- Make sure you’re using Tags that have relevant and in-demand keywords (use EverBee keyword research for this). Or model after other best selling competitor tags. (make sure to tweak them to your product/brand)
- Good old fashion Etsy ads - you can always turn on Etsy ads to get more views.. Which will raise your keyword score over time. But make sure you’re Etsy ads are turning a profit for you. (use EverBee Etsy Profit Calculator for this)

Some important notes:

The visibility score is an average of a listing's performance over all time since its creation. This means that changes made to a listing will not immediately affect its visibility score, it will change slowly over time as buyer behavior towards the item changes.

Therefore, it is important to note that visibility score cannot predict future performance of a listing. It only measures the past performance of an item. So, when making changes to a listing, it's important to keep in mind that it may take several weeks for the changes to have an impact on the visibility score. The changes will be reflected in the listing's views, favorites, sales, and positive feedback over time.

You’ll find the EverBee Visibility Score on our Analytics table. Available for our Growth Plan .

Hope this helps!

In case you need further help, don’t hesitate to contact us at hello@everbee.io